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Our business was established to meet the needs of large-block landowners and then to offer those management skills to every owner of farmland of any acreage. We’re particularly skilled at the unified management of diverse properties spread over several counties, and we are confident that we can meet your needs. Professional farm management is a particular pleasure to each of us because of the ongoing day-to-day intellectual involvement that it requires.

Moore & Warner strives to improve farm profitability while incorporating sound practices to ensure environmental stewardship. We plan ahead, execute plans, and utilize financial, production and progress reports to deliver tangible results to each client.

We also believe that landowners have the right, and in fact the obligation, to be as conversant with their farm properties as today’s demanding business schedules will allow. To this end, we encourage our clients to visit our office at any time, to tour their farms whenever time allows and to maintain an ongoing dialogue about the nature of American agribusiness.

Our team of experienced professionals expresses energies dedicated to the long-term success of each farm – each client. At the very least, our services include:

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Farm Profitability and Lease Arrangements

Maximizing the profitability of farmland ownership requires regular attention and management down to the finest agricultural and business details. Moore & Warner’s farm management team works with clients and operators to identify and achieve profitability goals by negotiating fair and competitive lease arrangements, maximizing production, and minimizing costs.
  • Provide comparative analyses of crop-share, cash-rent, and custom leases
  • Select, negotiate, and implement leases to meet landowner goals for revenue and risk
  • Develop nutrient management plans to enhance productivity and reduce fertilizer costs
  • Select inputs based on the latest research and field testing
  • Offer cost-breaks through bulk-purchasing
  • Identify, attract, and support talented, capable operators
  • Work with operators to scout, diagnose, and treat problems before they develop
  • Provide expert analysis and implementation of government programs best suited to profit landowner interests

Government Programs

The complexity of government programs—from eligibility requirements to reenrollment procedures—can prove daunting to landowners and farmers alike. As industry professionals, the Moore & Warner management team works with government programs and agencies daily and brings that experience and expertise to bear working for clients.
  • Identify and analyze applicable government programs
  • Advise participation that best benefits landowner interests
  • Coordinate paperwork, implementation, and management

Real Estate

Section 1031 exchanges allow landowners to defer capital gains taxes on farm sales when sale revenues are reinvested within 180 days. At Moore & Warner our knowledge of farmland and our extensive contact network helps clients identify sound exchange properties in the timeframes they require.

  • Provide independent, unbiased assessment of farm for sale – we do not broker or sell farmland
  • Evaluate potential purchases for market competitiveness, farm quality, potential, and risk
  • Coordinate complex purchases and exchanges with clients and financial officers

Risk Mitigation

Enjoying farmland ownership means being able to spend time away from a farm operation without having to worry over it. Moore & Warner provides the professional skills, experience, and constant attention necessary to mitigate the risks of farm ownership.
  • Develop leases to reduce legal liabilities to landowners for operations on farmland and protect assets in written agreement
  • Select and administer appropriate insurance programs
  • Reduce income volatility through prudent planning and problem solving

Land Stewardship and Long-term Planning

At Moore & Warner we commit ourselves to profitable production agriculture that respects the integrity and quality of our invaluable natural resources. We seek to preserve and increase the quality of every acre we manage to best benefit the earth, our clients, and their posterity.

With a strong agricultural heritage, we also understand the importance of long term-planning, whether managing farmland for investment goals or the transition of ownership to a new generation. We help clients develop plans to maximize the strength of their assets over time.

  • Select conservation tillage practices and coordinate with operators to preserve soils and prevent erosion
  • Develop nutrient management plans tailored to individual farms to protect and enhance fertility
  • Identify government conservation programs suited to client goals and values
  • Develop long-term plans to promote profit maximization, preserve land value, and protect family farm heritage
  • Educate landowners, families, and new generations about the science and business of agriculture

Financial and Farm Recordkeeping

The most successful farm operations are run as “tight ships” and require meticulous accounting of a myriad of transactions involving everything from fertilizer purchases to real estate taxes. Moore & Warner provides professional record keeping and reporting to all our clients, tailored to their specific operations and lease arrangements.
  • Compile comprehensive quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports
  • Provide full-accounting of all farm transactions
  • Prepare appropriate records and assist clients in tax preparation

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