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Frequently Asked Questions is an introduction to how we conduct business, and more importantly, to familiarize landowners with the added value in utilizing professional farm management. Simply click on each question to reveal the answer.

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How does Moore & Warner conduct business?

At Moore & Warner we do business the old fashioned way - by earning our clients' business with great service at a fair price.

Catering to the distinct interests of each and every client, Moore & Warner unites the expertise of a professional team with the skill and labor of talented farm operators to deliver the utmost in value, land stewardship and revenue.

Must I live near the Moore & Warner office to benefit from services?

Our services are available to clients the world over. We currently serve landowners located locally, out-of-state and abroad, offering consistent and timely communication.

We travel to meet with clients, and for those who prefer to visit our office in Clinton, Illinois, we often assist with travel arrangements, recommend entertainment and provide business office amenities including high-speed internet access.

How does Moore & Warner manage farms with multiple landowners?

Moore & Warner listens to the interests of each and every landowner, reviews the current operation and the farm itself, and delivers professional recommendations. Our private conference room is readily available for farm and family business meetings.

Do I need a specific number of acres to benefit from Moore & Warner's services?

Clients gain value through utilizing our services regardless of the amount of acreage we manage on their behalf. We enjoy meeting with landowners and discussing ways to improve farm profit potential.

Can Moore & Warner help me purchase farmland?

With respect to the individual goals of each landowner, we can help. Our farm managers can identify tracts of land for sale, help calculate expected returns, and perform background work in negotiations, research and organization.

Will I need to change my current financial service provider(s)?

Landowners do not need to change financial service providers when they choose to hire us. As a privately-owned farm management company, Moore & Warner currently enjoys working with a number of financial institutions and Certified Public Accountants. We provide bookkeeping, generate reports and submit accounting information on behalf of our clients.

Can Moore & Warner help me with my farm tax returns?

Helping landowners with precise and accurate recordkeeping is the biggest part of our job. We keep meticulous books on all farm income and expenses, providing economic snapshots throughout the year. At year-end, we provide a comprehensive report containing all of the necessary information for tax reporting of the farm business.

Can Moore & Warner help me decide upon lease arrangements for my farm(s)?

Many factors must be considered when deciding upon a farm lease arrangement. We sit down with a landowner to discuss goals and evaluate the farm itself when deciding upon the best lease arrangement. We review lease terms annually

Can Moore & Warner help decide which government programs are right for my farm(s)? 

We can show each landowner how program participation affects farm production and impacts farm income, as well as handle the entire process for program participation. We stay abreast and continually examine and evaluate available U. S. Government programs.

Can Moore & Warner provide conservation technical assistance for my farm(s)?

Landowners and operators have access to our on-board Technical Service Provider (TSP) for conservation technical assistance. Officially registered with the USDA-NRCS, our TSP can develop specific conservation plans for each farm, as well as perform follow-up evaluations as required for conservation program compliance.

Can Moore & Warner provide detailed records for my farm(s)?

Landowners, operators, government agencies and financial providers benefit from the detailed records provided by Moore & Warner. We include a comprehensive list titled "Contents of Your Farm File" along with sample reports in our brochure, which will be sent upon request. Click here to Request Brochure.

In utilizing farm management, must I forfeit my relationship with my farm operator(s)?

We believe hiring Moore & Warner enhances the relationships of landowners and farmers. We encourage the active involvement of our clients, including farm visits and open communication. We regularly assist clients with travel arrangements any time they choose to visit their farms.

Will I lose control of the management decisions on my farmland?

Landowners tell us how much, or how little, direct involvement in the decision-making process is desired, and we work with respect on all levels. We are here to provide professional advice based upon the individual interests of each landowner. We consistently listen to each client's goals and make professional recommendations to achieve those goals.

Can Moore & Warner manage farmland located in different townships, counties or states?

Landowners certainly benefit from our mobility and well-rounded expertise. We regularly travel to visit our clients' farms and see progress first-hand. We are familiar with diversity in production agriculture through successful management of farmland located across the continental U.S.

Is Moore & Warner new to farm management?

Our president and company founder, John Warner, has personally directed profitable farm management for more than twenty years. He is a fifth-generation executive and landowner firmly fixed on the benefits of professional farm management and offers each landowner access to his specially-selected Management Team.

What is the best strategy to accomplish my goal(s)?

Hire Moore & Warner Farm Management.

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