Farm Management Services

Farm Management Services

Farm leases

Negotiating the best market-rate lease for your farm requires a detailed knowledge of the local market, farm economics, and the specific attributes of your land. Moore & Warner can help you determine what lease type — flexible cash rent, crop-share, or custom — meets your needs.

Farm operator selection

We continually invest the time and energy to meet the very best local farmers whose farming methods and stewardship approach preserve and enhance the value of your asset.

Capital improvements

Highly productive and profitable farms require periodic maintenance and improvements to maintain and increase their earning potential. From field tile to waterways to storage bins, we analyze, plan, and execute the capital projects to keep your farm earning at peak potential.

Insurance, government and conservation programs

Eligibility requirements, insurance products, and state and federal program funding are constantly changing. We keep abreast of the latest developments to enroll your farm in the programs that best protect your income, liability, and resources.

Financial administration, accounting, and record keeping

As a productive asset and ongoing business, your farm requires detailed record keeping and financial administration, whether to manage farm expenses, facilitate distributions to owners, or maintain productivity records for future sale.

Additional revenue opportunities

Moore & Warner has extensive experience with non-farming leasing to identify wind, oil & gas, pipeline, and hunting opportunities to generate additional revenue while protecting your farm assets and regular farm income.

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