Farm Progress Show: My Favorite Things

Farm Progress Show: My Favorite Things

This is the third in a 3-part series on the Farm Progress Show written by Hilary Shaw of Moore & Warner, the firm’s office manager and a first-time attendee of the Show.

There were several things I enjoyed at the Farm Progress Show.  Here are a few of my favorite things:

Favorite non-profit:  GoServ Global.  This is an organization that builds homes and storm shelters out of grain bins.  They had one built at the show, so we could see what it actually looked like and how it was built to be comfortable and safe.  They also build them for orphanages in other

Favorite test drive:  This tractor and sprayer.  I actually got to drive the tractor with implements.  You could ride in or drive both of these.  The person who rode with me explained everything and answered all my questions.  This tractor was a smoother ride than my car.  It was scary because it was huge, but driving it was

Favorite decoration:  I thought it was creative that many vendors used mulch to

Favorite demonstration:  I love horses, so this was my favorite demonstration.  Ray Ainsworth knew what he was doing, taught it well, and was entertaining too.  He showed everyone how smart horses

Favorite Varied Industries Tent table:  Midwest Technical Institute.  This lady with MTI had few things on her table, but was a wealth of knowledge when I inquired about MTI.  I have two teenagers who will want to explore this option for furthering their education.  She answered several questions….and then gave me a handy little screwdriver and her business card.

Favorite tent:  The conservation tent.  This made me feel like I was at the State Fair.  I picked up some wildflower seeds and an old-fashioned cardboard fan on a stick.  And who doesn’t like a big dirt hole?blog-3-dirt-hole

Finally, Favorite thing I overheard:  Sitting at the horse training demo waiting for it to start, a young lady sat down by an older gentleman.  He asked her what the little fold-up shovel was for that she had.  She showed it to him, and he saw it was for checking corn depth.  He commented that it was neat, then said (very matter-of-factly), “Hmm, I always used a putty knife.”  All the new technology is great, but I like it when the simple things stay simple.


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