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The Foundation of Moore & Warner

C. H. Moore

A. Lincoln & C. H. Moore  Vespasian Warner

C. H. Moore Trust Estate (1901-2000) 

In 1846, C. H. Moore had a strong desire to invest in farmland and purchased his first 120-acre farm. By 1851, he was considered a very large landholder, owning farmland in five states. As the resident lawyer of DeWitt County, Illinois, C. H. Moore was well respected and had numerous friends, including Abraham Lincoln. 

C. H. Moore and Vespasian Warner formed a law partnership named Moore & Warner. Together, they practiced law and managed farmland out of the very office building in which Moore & Warner Farm Management is located today (photos below). 

In 1901, C. H. Moore passed away, and the C. H. Moore Trust Estate was established. Vespasian Warner was the first Trustee of this vast estate comprised of more than 35,000 acres of farmland. 

As one of the very last Trustees, John Warner, IV, directed the farm management, distribution and termination of the C. H. Moore Trust Estate. The C. H. Moore Trust Estate vested in 2000.

Trust Office Building (1930s) 

Moore & Warner Farm Management (2000-Present) 

Following the termination of the Trust, John Warner, IV, decided to carry on the business of professional farm management, purchased and remodeled this historic office building, establishing Moore & Warner Farm Management.

Moore & Warner Office Building (2000)

Abraham Lincoln in DeWitt County

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