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Farmland is an attractive investment opportunity for long-term investors. Offering strong performance, farmland investments generate revenue and augment portfolio diversity while presenting a low to average risk factor.

Moore & Warner Farm Management works with farmland investors to identify properties, navigate the transition to ownership, as well as develop and manage farm operations as profitable businesses.

Professional farm managers dedicate their energies toward investor goals, including and not limited to the following:

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Capital Preservation

Moore & Warner works hard with clients and operators to preserve the capital investment required for farmland ownership and increase farm value over time. We embrace a philosophy of land stewardship that places a high priority on the quality of natural resources.
  • Select tillage practices and work with operators to preserve soils and prevent erosion 
  • Develop nutrient management plans tailored to individual farms to protect and enhance fertility 
  • Direct field maintenance including terracing and leveling to enhance farm value and production 
  • Continuously monitor drainage, tile, irrigation, and well systems 
  • Advise cost-effective repairs and oversee necessary maintenance 
  • Provide cost-benefit analysis for maintenance of farmhouses, storage sheds, cribs, bins and other physical structures and implement investment-oriented plans


Well-managed farmland produces regular, dependable income to investors. By providing consistent, specialized attention to clients' farm operations, Moore & Warner is able to maximize production and minimize cost for crop-share leases and set competitive terms for cash-rent arrangements.
  • Negotiate leases to meet investment expectations and treat operators fairly 
  • Develop nutrient management plans to keep soils at high production capacities 
  • Select inputs based on the latest research and field testing 
  • Support operators with resources and consultation specific to client farms 
  • Work with operators to scout, diagnose, and treat problems before they develop 
  • Provide cost-breaks through bulk purchasing 
  • Identify and implement advantageous government programs

Long-Term Strategic Planning

Successful farming demands long-term vision and performance. At Moore & Warner we make the most of our strong farm management heritage and professional experience to provide both new and seasoned investors the insight and skill to build a strong and profitable agricultural portfolio.
  • Define realistic investment goals 
  • Develop long-term plans for income and investment maturity 
  • Educate investors about the science and business of agriculture

Risk Mitigation

With sound management, farmland provides a low to medium investment risk and can hedge against inflation. Moore & Warner provides the industry experience and attentiveness to client farmland to mitigate the risks of investment.
  • Develop leases to reduce legal liabilities to landowners for operations on farmland and protect assets in written agreement 
  • Select and administer appropriate insurance programs 
  • Reduce income volatility through prudent planning and problem solving

Farmland Purchases and 1031 Exchanges

Industry experience and up-to-date knowledge allows Moore & Warner to regularly help clients identify promising investment opportunities and purchase new farmland.

Although Section 1031 exchanges allow landowners to defer capital gains taxes on farm sales, the requirement that sale revenue be reinvested within 180 days places investors in high-pressure situations. Our knowledge of farmland sales and our extensive contact network helps clients identify sound exchange properties in the timeframes they require.

  • Provide independent, unbiased assessment of farm for sale - we do not broker or sell farmland 
  • Evaluate potential purchases for market competitiveness, farm quality, potential, and risk 
  • Coordinate complex purchases and exchanges with clients and financial officers

Record Keeping and Financial Reporting

Successful farm ownership and operation requires meticulous accounting and Moore & Warner provides professional record keeping and reporting to all our clients. We maintain excellent relationships with money managers, bankers and trust officers, and will coordinate our work with any financial service professionals our clients require.
  • Compile comprehensive quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports 
  • Provide full-accounting of all farm transactions 
  • Prepare appropriate records and assist clients in tax preparation

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